Affirmation Part Two.

Hey friends.

So in my last blog post I wrote about how my counselor opened my eyes to have supportive my father truly was (go back and read my last post before you read this). The second part of the task my counselor gave me was to write affirmations for myself from me…so here goes nothing. I wrote 15 affirmations for my last post, so the plan is to write 15 more.

  1. You have a really good work ethic at university, you put a lot of work into your school work
  2. You’re a good big sister, you have a huge heart for your brother
  3. You’re a good daughter, you are so helpful and would do anything to make sure your mother was okay
  4. You’re a good girlfriend, you love with your whole heart and you’re incredibly loyal
  5. You’re a good friend, you will always help your friends in whatever they need
  6. You have so much compassion for other people, and because of this you tend to put peoples needs before yours
  7. You’re independent, which is good when you need to take a leadership role
  8. You also are a good team player, and you work well with other people
  9. You survived the one thing you said was your worst fear (losing the people I love the most), and you manage life day to day fairly well
  10. You’re a good driver, and Lord knows it took a long time for me to be comfortable with driving
  11. You’re a good guitar player, you’ve put a lot of work into playing and it’s become a passion for you
  12. You make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world (Not gonna lie, I haven’t tasted one better than mine…)
  13. You’re a good writer, you put a lot of yourself in your writing
  14. You have a dry, sarcastic but fun sense of humor
  15. You’re starting to learn how to love yourself, slowly but surely but your doing a good job

This is a cool exercise, try it for yourself!

Thanks for reading, Makayla xoxo


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